You fell through the ceiling
Into the party below
Somewhere south of the border
Where they grow the blow

And all your good ideas
Celebrated mistakes/Celebrating the stakes [0:45]
Calculated, she wakes
In the fall
It's no time at all

Filming a documentary
About drugs in the jungle
You become a sloth
When you steal a little sample

And all your brilliant plans
Fixed your horoscope
Transfixed, she gropes for the call
In no place at all

At a ruined resort
With your time-share cutie
How you had a blast
What a little beauty

And all your serious attempts
All your limitations
She makes your invitations seem small
There's no you at all

Plundering some artifacts
You cut yourself a deal
On the steps of the temple
Where sacrifices kneel

And all your marvelous hunches
Fill their vapid hearts
Rapidly she darts down the hall
It's no life at all (yeah)

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