Now that we're alone
May I tell you
I've been feeling rather strange
Either something's in the air
Or else a change is happening in me
I think I know the cause
I hope I know the cause
From everything I've heard,
There's only One cause it can be
Love, I hear, makes you Sigh alot
Also Love, I hear, Leaves you weak
Love, I hear, makes you blush and turns you ashen
You try to speak with passion, and squeak . . I hear
Love, they say, makes you pine away
But you pine away, with an idiotic grin
I pine, I blush, I squeak, I squawk
Today I woke too weak to walk
What's love I hear, I feel. I fear, I'm in.
See what I mean
I hum alot too
I'm dazed, I'm pale,
I'm sick, I'm sore
I've never felt so well before
What's love I hear
I feel, I fear
I know I am
I'm sure, I mean
I hope, I trust,
I pray, I must be in.
Forgive me if I shout
Forgive me if I crow
I've only just found out, and
Well I thought You ought to know

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