Running like the wind, I can't stop to reach, It's too late
My sword is calling for blood
And my blood burns like the hell
For envying my best friends
Now she's ready to pay

I'm trying to not imagine you burning away
And those dogs screaming and crying loud
Witch! they say to her
I'm just trying to reach
Only I have the proof
She is innocent
Let she go away
There's blood on the hands of these liars

My sword is broken, my force is over
For each that I destroy
I can see, what happened to you
She can't move, and can't listen me

[Solo: Andre]

Now the inquisitors don't want to hear me
They don't believe in my words
They're waiting and calling for blood

To see her suffering in their hands
Until my last forces I will fight
How I can win, they're so strong

[Solo: Boon]


Everyone is dead, I can't bring her back
Now I'm lonely, walking around the world
Every day I'm looking for the gates of Valhalla
'Cause perhaps you'll be there
Waiting for me

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