I waked in a mist the landscape changing in vision is it
I who watches this or is it some other mind is this a dream
I cannot tell or some lost station of hell the dampness clings to my hair
a ring I see round the moon am I waiting to die
in the dream my mind swims through the vapors
I can't tell what is real swim through the underground
rivers my escape has been sealed all by myself
in the hometown but no one here can recall look the shadows
are closer how much more can I run tell my mind to wake up
the thought does me no good look to the ground for a weapon
to face the danger I flee a rock is all that I see I reach down
and grab the stone the beast is now upon me I fight the thing
with my strength but I can't bring it down lord please let me
fight hurtling thru the skies this can't be real I see his face god
is revealed this is no dream
I see it's real past and future lie unconcealed

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