A Million Works Of Art
Burgundy & Blue
By The Grace Of God
Catch A Fever
Crazy People
Dancing In The Mist Of The Night
DonÂ?‚¬?„?t Cry For Me
DonÂ?‚¬?„?t Get Me Started
Further Again
I Can't Whistle
I Might Be Gone
In The Trees At Night
Letters To A Young Girl
Living On 45
My Disease
Next Of Kin
Nuclear Winter (Next To You)
Old Man Sittin' By The Fire
Perfect Prize
San Francisco
Save Me Tonight
The Riff (I CanÂ?‚¬?„?t Taste It)
Trail Of Broken Hearts
Under Circumstances Like These
When The Morning Comes
When The RainÂ?‚¬?„?s All Gone