С табами

129 (P Judd T Finn) 2:47
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi (T Finn E Rayner) 4:31
Adz (N Griggs) 4:12
Amy (Darling) (P Judd T Finn) 5:15
And You Know
Best Friend
Betty (T Finn) 4:42
Bold as Brass
Bold As Brass (T Finn R Gillies) 3:31
Bon Voyage
Bon Voyage (T Finn)
Breakin' My Back (N Finn) 3:53
Bullet Brain And Cactus Head (N Finn)
Charlie (T Finn) 5:29
Clumsy (T Finn)
Conflicting Emotions (T Finn)
Crosswords (T Finn) 3:26
Dirty Creature (T Finn N Griggs & N Finn)
Doctor Love (N Finn) 4:16
Famous People (T Finn) 2:52
For You
For You (P Judd T Finn) 3:50
Frenzy (T Finn E Rayner) 3:02
Ghost Girl
Giant Heartbeat
Give it a Whirl
Hard Act to Follow
Haul Away
Hello Sandy Allen
Hermit Mcdermitt
History Never Repeats (с табами)
History Never Repeats
Home Sweet Home
How Can i Resist Her
I Don't Wanna Dance
I Got You (с табами)
I Got You
I Hope i Never
I See Red
I Wake up Every Night
I Walk Away
I Wouldn't Dream of it
Kia Kaha
Late Last Night
Log Cabin Fever
Lost For Words
Lovey Dovey
Make Sense of it
Malmsbury Villa
Master Plan
Matinee Idyll
Mental Notes
Message to my Girl (с табами)
Message to my Girl
Mind Over Matter
Missing Person
My Mistake
Never Ceases to Amaze me
Nice to Know
Ninnie Knees up
No Bother to me
No Mischief
Nobody Takes me Seriously
One Mouth is Fed
One Step Ahead (с табами)
One Step Ahead
Our Day
Parrot Fashion Love
Poor Boy (с табами)
Poor Boy
Shark Attack
She Got Body She Got Soul
Six Months in a Leaky Boat (с табами)
Six Months in a Leaky Boat
Small World
So Long For Now
Split Ends
Strait Old Line
Stranger Than Fiction
Stuff And Nonsense
Sugar And Spice
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Talking Spoon Song
Take a Walk
The Choral Sea
The Devil You Know
The Lost Cat
The Roughest Toughest Game in The World
The Woman Who Loves You
This is Massive
Time For a Change
Titus (с табами)
True Colours
Under The Wheel
Walking Down a Road
Walking Through The Ruins
Whats The Matter With You
Without a Doubt
Working up an Appetite
Years go by