Go back to Kansas
so tired of being alone
and now I'm anxious
to see my home again

Gonna pack my bags,
get a hold of some rags
and then I'm leaving,
don't think that I'm believing
what people are say to get their way,

I've been living some time now
and I've learned to take what's mine
don't try to bribe me to get me down no more
Now I've learn to stand alone , don't need the help

no other people, I've learned to climb the steeple
am I supposed to be proud, Am I supposed to be with the crowd
and tell my lady the way I've learned to see and
the way I've learned to be and

Now that I am lonely,
now that I need to see someone
Now that I am waiting for the love
that long ago had once begun

I'm a man, I am a man
and so you see now,
Why I've learned to be this way
So undecided,
A man I've learned to see

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