Don't ask me why
I just knew it had to be this way
I'm saying goodbye
I only know I shouldn't stay today.

I've given all I had and it's making me sad
....It's getting me down
I can't take it I won't be here till the morning
turning my head hmm

I'm going some other place
where I can find me somebody
It'll take some time and patience
to sew up my life I'm going to make a new start

yes, I am. yes, I am.. It had to be yaaa.
I just know it had to be this way
But I'm not complaining
I know I'm coming back some day again...

I have a lot to give.... tell her I love tell her
I'll be back...I'll be back really soon
if you can do me the favor..
Oh, I want to's going to take some time...

but I'll get what I want
Yes I will. Yes, I will.
Don't ask me why, I've changed ,
I just know it had to be this say goodbye.....

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