Bitchbooy.... Bodybags Huh, Okay, Make Mine,

[50 Cent: Sample]
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)

Huuuuh, I Know I Said No More Songs, But You Just Slipped On That Thong Again,
All On My Long Don, Oh How Long It's Been,
Wws That's How I Spell Pussy, Gotta Dush The Ws When I Smell Pussy,
I'ma Drop A Few Bars And End All This Brief, He On That Chicken Shit I Don't Call This Beef,
Far Beneath Me I'm A Chief And A Leader,
I Can't Beef With A Diva That's Beefin With Vida,
I Got Myself A Gun That'll Eat Through The Ether, You Eazy, You Cube? You Ain't Equal To Either.
Make Believe Makavelli, You Can Play Pac But You Better Not Stop Lookin Out For Jay Rock,
He Threw You On A Hook And Received A Lot Of Play, That's That Suge Knight Shit, These Ho's Gotta Pay,
This Chest Thought It Wasnt? Cuzz My Blood Cuzz, It's Blood In, Blood Out Even Though Cuzz Bloodin,
Fuck A Colour Cuzz, I Represent The True Hogz, And I Done Been All In The Niccersons With Dude Dawg
There's Some Bloods In The Industry: Big Y, Big Bone, P Smurf, You Less Then A B Dawg Than Jim Jones,
Millenium Gangbanger That's Ya Middle Name, You Ain't Clame Blood No Longer Then Lil Wayne,
Tell You Sumthin, I Don't Feel Nuthin Fo You Yees, I Would Have Been Got To Bussin If It Wasn't For 2 Tee's,
On Eastside, Eastcoast, He Gave Puto A Pass, That's Babyloc Bountyhunter, Who Know The Half,
It's The Evil Ass Cen Cen You Know The Staff, Notorious 97 Street, You Know The Math,
Brand New, Navy Blue Ckucks With The Big Lace, On Brazil Holla Ain't No G.Ame, That's For Big Fase,
If I'm Lyin Let My Dead Homies Come Out They Grave And Bang On Me, A Squable And No Thang Homie, On Me,
We Can Knockle Up And Thump Or Jump Into Some G Shit Dumb And Stump, You Ain't Bangin, Stop Claiming The Fame,
Say G Kee Way When You're Sayin My Name,

[50 Cent:]
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)

You A Disgrace To Compton, Stop The Hoe G.Ames Besides Sammy The Bull, Tell Me Who Droppin More Names?
You Tried, But We Can Still Tell They Wings,
A Drag Queen Will Never Be The La King,
You Can Cover Up The Butterfly But That's Just The Top Layer, You Been A Square Way Before You Got Here,
Be Original, Say Sumthin Nobody Said
And If It's Murdaaa, Then Tell Me Why Nobody Dead?
I Spin A World Wide Web That'll Do You Danger, You Betta Duck, Run And Hide From This Youtube Banger,
You Never Catch The Loc Goin Out Like G-Ride Runnin, I'm Dumpin Sumthin, Jumpin Out The G-Ride Gunnin,
You Can't Get Me Off The Mind When You Think Of The Real, You Gill, Bow Down I'm The King Of The Hill,
While You In Da Stripcluuub,Tryin To Sound Like Fif, I'm In Da Hood With Black Brass Knuckles Around My Fist,
Jayceon From Compton, But He Ain't As Complex As The Ex Con Don, So He Got A Complex,
Spider Loc Ain't Yukmouth, I'm Not Budden, I Ain't Young Buck Ether, I'm Not Budging,
This Wack Wall Killer, G-Unit Crip When I Hit Em Up, Anytime Anywhere, Nigga We Can Get Em Up,
This Is Why I'm Hot You Hit The Flame With More Gasoline,
Now Watch No Brain, Fuck The G.Ame With No Vaseline,
You Remind Me Of Aaliyah, You Love To Go "Back And Forth",
But Off The Track, Dont Nuthin Crack Off Course,
You Was An Orphan Cuz Pops Misused You're Orgins, Now You Yell Loud As An Organ Like You Was Important,
I'm In A Hemi In Enemy Hood Off Remy, You Ain't Bringin The West Back, You Blew The Dust Off Jimmy,
[Slurping Sound]
Death Before Disshonor!

I Don't Hit Kids But I'l Slap Me A Bitch, Magic Lookin Like Larry Holmes Flamby And Sick,
Baby Spider A Ryder, The Best Of The Great Greats And Joey Ain't Easty Like The Rest Of The 88's,
I'm Always On The Eastside, It Ain't Hard To Find Me Homie,
I'm On One In Traffic Ask Ya Tiny Homie,
My Hood On Avalon, My Bitch Got A Avalon, My Artist Is Bluedown Bigfoot From Avalon,
You're Walkin On The Thinest Ice, That's Goin Break,
I'ma Show You What That Menace Like, That's On Snake,
02 Tahoe, That's All You Can Think To Say?
I'm In A 07 Rollin Thrue The Bank,
26 Inches Lookin Like High Roller,
Doja Bi-Sexual And Bi-Polar,
That's Yo Bad, You Fuckin With A Real Loc Soldier, I Don't Smoke Stress But I Will Smoke Doja,
I Told Ya G.Ame Ova Hahahaha, Can't Fuck With Tha Flamethrower Nananana, Beside My Pistol I Sleep
With A Pen And A Pad, The Lyrics Got No Limit Loc I Live In The Lab
Ya Shoot Shot After Shot But Ya Keep On Missin,
Ill Bodybag A Bitchboy Just Keep On Dissin,
Them Loose Lips Might Even Get Ya Men's Killed, I Fuck's With D-Mac, I Know Ya Payin The Mansfields,
Desperado, I Got The Best Bravado Young S The Model For The Whole West To Follow,
Fat Joe Can't Fuck Wit It, Nas Don't Want None,
I'm On One Son And I Promise I Won't Run,
I Don't Know Lakisha But I Know Leanette, She Gives Some Bomb-Ass Head Cuzz That's On Tha Set,

I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha,

I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha
I'm Laughin Straight To The Bank With This (Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha)

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