It's a blutiful day in my neighborhood x2

I'm on the blue mic standin in the blue booth
Got that blue light blinkin on the blue tooth
Blue water, great big blue sky
Blue royal, all kind of blue fly
Blue boxers saggin in my blue jeans
Blue chucks on, fat laced blue strings
Got a jacket thats made out of blue fox
Blue knocks on the back of my blue rocks
Snoopy blue in the cut with the blue steel
We drink blue beast, and pop blue pills
Shoot it out over dope like in Blue Hill
Blue benz on four big blue wheels
Hood rats, blue braids, blue heels
Good cat, got an ass like a blue whale
Spray paint got the hood full of blue walls
Bleed blue blood, and got blue balls

Oh, Its a blutiful day
It's a blutiful world
I'm in a blutiful car
and got a blutiful girl

It's a blutiful night
My chain blings blue in the light
I'm blutiful when I grind
I'm blutiful when I shine

How many times i gotta holla how this white shit mine
And all this is bad boy, you did not get shyne
The chains glow just watch the shine
See what time is it, gotta watch this grind
I can do this on an off night
Sell crack to powder fiends and have em crush a pack of soft white
Tell em bring it if its cost right
Call em ballerina on this clothes like a frostbite
Have the fiends burn his fingers on the exhaust pipe
No sleep, street dreamer can't exhaust pipe
I'm everywhere, you aint never there
You like chess, wanna make a move but you debatin where
I keep a fifty between my legs like i'm braidin hair
I leave cream around her mouth like a bakers square
Check the closet, it aint a pair of apes in there
MJ's in there, Blue Jays in there


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