It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood
Verse 1
Spider Loc:
I’m in a blue Bent’, blue grill, blue tints
Striking blue ink when I jot down to blue print
The blue gloves coordinate with the blue hood
That blue leather look good with that blue wood
Blue Phantom, and the private jet blue
Fly first class, never use Jetblue
That blue Harley worth more than that blue book
I’m colorblind but I love how that blue look
It’s the truth, I’m a true blue boss
You cross me and you’ll bound to need Blue Cross
I ride wit a red rag every blue moon
Me and Smurf getting money in the blue room
Blue baseball cap, ride for the blue team
You can run but can’t hide from that blue beam
Blue Cripnotic filling up my blue cup
The boys in blue is hatin’ cuz I blew up
Bluetiful day, Bluetiful skies
Red suns, purple night
I’m Bluetiful in every car that I drive
It’s a Bluetiful world
Bluetiful girl with all red curls
She looks too good in purple of pearl
But she’s always wearing blue when she bangin’ on the curb
It’s a Bluetiful world (Bluetiful world)
Verse 2
Papa Smurf:
It’s P. Smurf, tell ‘em throw the red carpet out
My Chucks flaming like bullets when they sparkin’ out
Red fox stupid like Redd Foxx
Red Monkeys, rows go with the red rocks
My red bone hair red like Charli Baltimore
Then stopped at the red light, that’s how we caught the boy
That red beam got yo’ hood fulla red necks
Papa Smurf, only Smurf in a red hat
My clothes red, my pitbull nose red
Hoes clothes red, cross me you be mo’ red
I drank red Remy thizz off a red Nykey
Red Levis saggin’ on my red Nikes
Red rubberbands hoppin’ out a red Benz
Eat red snapple, smoke more than Redman
Cherry swisher fulla cush got my eyes red
Red Gucci shades, look like the sky red
Verse 3
Uh, playin’ Prince Purple Rain in the rain When Doves Cry
Purple Range, I complain when the flood high
Purple Jordans, with the purple leather tips
Purple L.R.G., purple letters in the stitch
Purple Welch’s Grape and the Grey Goose
Got the purple Laker jersey, purple stones in the Jesus
cup of Purple codeine, couple purple pills
Feeling like D-12, running up a purple hill
Smoke weed still, hate the taste of swishers
Got the purple kush sack all wrapped in the grape-a-liscious
The Color Purple is my favorite picture
Red and blue equal purple, that’s the perfect mixture
Purple rag around the Mag, sorta perfect with the tools
So everything I hit turn purple when it bruise
I heard it through the grapevine, Piper hold the purple heart
Bluetiful, fruitiful, purple wit’ a circle star

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