(feat. Lil-D)
[Verse 1:]
I'm sippin purple magic gettin stuck like traffic on the back of his head s-p-m tatted boys down with me like 4 flat tires got benzs and lacs and candy jaguars tryin 2 make it rich breakin bricks my girls name is cocaine thats a crazy bitch was my first love that I will admit watchin dopefeins fight 4 half a ciggaret do these rappers know how it really go or are they just another fake on the microphone I listen 2 the Pac I listen 2 tha Pat my homies either dead or in the kitchen cookin crack boys wanna stare take 2 the square hoe should I stay ag or let my hair grow I know it don't stop even though they try 45 years man it's like a homoside.
[Chorus: x2]
Creep with me s-p so bastardly and pull so fastly and packed so heavily.
[Verse 2:]
The world has got me on edge I'm gettin closer 2 the spot on the ledge 2 where if I drop then I'm dead man it's probably best cause these days innocent mexicans get locked in the feds or either rocked with the gloc full of lead or pop full of death no i don't wanna be the next one that suffers the same pain I'm stuck in the same game I hustle 2 change things cause whoever says I just wanna see lead fly the bullets done sped by now thats where your head lies I be cruisin down the back street my screwtape bang the cady coupe stay swangin through the 2-way lane so come creep with me let me show you the roads I roll frequently out the dirty dir code this is what the deal like baby this is real life this is what it feels like when you in the trill life this is what it still like still fly the kite to Los we wanna welcome yall on behalf of s-p bro.
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3:]
I'm a stay strong stronger than they thought I made 'em so sick when I bought it off the lott but I'd fall apart if I couldn't spark south park slap 20's on my noahs ark money ain't a thing never will I love it I guess thats why the lord gave me plenty of it I spent it on my homies spent it on my kids I put a diamond necklace in my mommas fridge but all the jealousy kept me drugged up I tried 2 stuff a whole ounce in 1 blunt so many enemies 4 no good reason guess they mad cause I make the doe look easy in the clubs smoking on a hog leg with so called friends wishin I would drop dead now that I'm on lock they still can't take it homie I'm the king of this shit man face it.

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