(verse 1: Prode’je)
Another soldier from the Central with the .80 in my pocket
The niggaz knocked and I buck em like a socket
Played his fuckin ass cause I never play the last place
So now he’s walkin with the mothafuckin gas fate
That’s why I’m burnin mothafuckers like a arsonist
I have you walkin like a cripple and retarded bitch
I never fuck around when I’m with a team of fuckin gangstas
West Coast freestyle bankstas
Kickin a foot up in yo ass like Pele
And prosecutin like a mothafuckin DA
I’m rollin a small coupe drop through the hood of G’s
And hittin the dips on the undercover p-i-g-s
I’m givin a fuck about Nathan
Mothafuck Satan, cause I’m the only nigga crematin fools
The Prod came out heartless
Gang-related, don’t be another nigga on my shit
I don’t waste a minute mothafuckas I be smokin
(I got another gang story to tell ya)
Sometimes I walk around strapped, nigga
(I got another gang story to tell ya)
(verse 2: Havikk the Rhyme Son)
Back up in the hood I thought you knew of course you didn’t know
Told you got a grip yo dick you drop like a sixty-fo
I put my foot up in yo ass so far
I’m leavin prints on yo kneck line signed it’s the broke guard
Another victim of society
Why did you lie to me?
So I gotta use my strap daily
And take you mothafuckas out
It could have been prevented but the niggaz would show from the stow
AK-47 ways to heaven, I took him for a 211, and left his ass with 187
Just another nigga dead and gone
He fell victim to the chrome as I punched in the gold prong
I roll the streets with the murder rep
I’m known for takin hoes and niggaz (??) instant death
Young niggaz goin in, and comin out winnin
The gang story that a nigga’s tellin
(repeat chorus twice)
Interlude (Prode’je):
South Central L.A. is the gang capital of the world, where niggaz walk around
Strapped daily, and won’t hesitate to smoke yo ass in a minute. Take it from
The Mouthpiece: this is just another gang story.
(verse 3: Havikk the Rhyme Son)
Back up in the hood, oh yes, I’m back
I’m leavin your fuckin skull marinated in the heat as I creep
I’m stickin my shoe up in yo ass so far
My shoe scream(?) look like embroil(?) as your lyin in the fuckin morgue
I gives a fuck when I creep
I told you I was evil as a nigga when I’m lyin by the Devil’s sleep
I let the slugs fly quick
The tech 22 was in yo ass like flyes on shit
I’m from the gaps down below
The ground boy, the graveyard, rockin you niggaz cause I’m that hard
Rhyme Son causin Havikk for the underground
You fuck around, you lye around and yo, you hang around
I’m puttin niggaz on gray shift
The Glock 9 plays connect the dots off in yo ass, bitch
The hardest nigga with a G slang
Ninety Fo, here we go, mothafuckas it’s a G thang
(verse 4: Big Mike)
Just another motherfucker who got toed out, came home and beat his ho down
Four shots at the police and lost his show down
Low down, but now his little brother’s stuck on payback
Rollin through the hood and the little nigga stay strapped
What can I say, Black? BG is heartless
Use it one time as targets, I warned you not to start this
Cause he’s down with some down ass niggaz from around the way
It be that way, they got they nuts off four deep and they down the play
Anything you hoes wanna do
(we’ll bust a right at the light, come back and run that corner fool)
Four young niggaz, read to fuck your cap up
Left three niggaz dead and you thought they wouldn’t act up
Cause it’s a sack up and wipe the blood up of the floor
Started some shit and now they got everybody at each other’s throats
Kinda fucked up but that’s the way it be
These niggaz don’t be playin on these mothafuckin Streets
I donґt waste a minute mothafuckas I be smokin
I got another gang story to tell ya (yeah)
Sometimes I walk around strapped, nigga
I got another gang story to tell ya

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