Behold, the sowers of discord
As the night rages on, the angry spirits are unleashed
And every one of us has suffered for our deeds of malice
For they will devour and tear our souls apart

In a time when there was war
Where was the light in the night skies above?
Where were the stars that shone upon us when these events occured?
They appeared from all sides of the earth. Oh, the torture!

So many lies we obeyed
Losing our lives was the price that we paid
Lacking the mindset of victory, they tormented us to the death
And broken, we fell from our grace. We fell!

God and man were separated
For the sins of mankind
Demons spawned from angels' venom
Torturing our own weak minds

Reject the mask of evil. Reject the mask of hate.
Enslaver of hateful souls has taken our souls away.

The endless wrath of man will overthrow
The pride of evil rulers will not sow
And when all the lies from below From the depths of Hell

Taking my life--placing it in God's hands?
Taking my life away--God making from my mind astray

"Enslaver of men, I despise your presence.
Years upon years upon years, you oppress us like an army with no mercy.
Never ceasing to seize our cities, you take advantage of their hate,
their blindness which you have created.
Because of pride you believe your own empty lies.
Strike me, but my death will not come yet.
My death will not be now. Not quite yet."

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