Ensemble of Pagan souls, I hear your voices, but God does not hear a thing
Consider me benevolent for entering your realms
You called me an oppressor, yet your insults did not ever cease
Now I am above you, serving the master you rejected.

Prophecy states that I would give life where everything was dead
Where darkness once was, a light would shine.
Where hope was lost, the waters of life will dwell

Why did you not listen when told of an escape
Your end was near (You couldn't wait)
You showed me hate (Forgiven)
Now you're here

Lost souls sin from the depths of their heart
Why did we forsake the message of the only God
Chorus of perdition and destruction in this lake
the fire burning endlessly, how awful it is to wait
Ensemble of perdition and despair
Why did you forsake the message whispered everywhere
Chorus of damnation and rejection in this place
The waters non-existent, this dimension of disgrace

And The Ensemble Cries on!

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