Hold on cause I'm ready to go
Now dig your nails into my mind
Nothing's gonna change the way I feel
This is the part where you hear my voice
And suddenly sends shivers down your spine

Nothings gonna change the way you feel

Now you've heard it you will tell your friends
All about your glorious find
They will start to feel the way I feel
You will think that your the first to hear
Your friends will start to think that your alright

They will start to feel the way you feel
When you hear this song on your stereo
I hope it makes you feel right
Like I felt when I heard the first time
Rocks tonic juice magic
Alive Now your thinking that you understand

Everything that's going through my mind
Now your starting to feel the way I feel
This where you start to analyze
My thoughts my fears my passion and my life

Now your close to feeling how I feel
The best way to take in everything
Is turn it up and flick the light
Now your close your eyes and feel the way feel

Now your about as close as it get's
To understanding me through all these lines
Now you understand the way I feel

Listen carefully
Feel the way I feel
Listen to my voice
Think of something real
Let the music take
Take you far away

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