I'm fine but half the time I'm sick I'm alive
but deadly sick of it I'd stay and dream all day

But you can see it's almost over
I'm hurt but I'm having a goodtime
I'm strange but only in my mind
I'll watch the ticking clock
Until it stops then it's all over

I'm cold but just for the time being
I'm so damn over this whole scene
I'd hate to stay awake in this mistake

It's fucking over I'm tired
but I'll pretend I'm not I'll guide
myself out of this rut I'll take it day by day
And play the game until it's over

If this was a world where liar's reigned supreme
Than you would be a serf
And I'd be the crowner of king's

Silence is a virtue
Silence is a virtue
You and I've been waiting for today

Holding onto something with our fate

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