(Too Much) Confusion
9 Till 5
A Case Of Pride
Back With A Bang
Backstreet Kids
Before The Night Falls
Behind The Bars
Blood & Honour
Boots And Braces
Built Up, Knocked Down (1979)
Don't Be Too Late
Don't Let Them Pull You Down
Europe Awake
Flying The Flag
Free My Land
Friday Night
Gotta Be Young
Government Action
I Don't Like You
I Don't Need Your Love
I Know What I Want
If There's A Riot
Mr. Nine To Five
Needle Man
On The Streets
One Fine Day
Open Up Your Eyes
Our Pride Is Our Loyalty
Pennies From Heaven
Power From Profit
Prisoner Of Peace
Race And Nation
Shove The Dove
Sick Society (Albert Mariner R.I.P.)_
Skrew You
Smash The I.R.A.
Soldier Of Freedom
Streetfight (1986)
Tearing Down The Wall
The Jewel In The Sea
The Only One
The Way It's Got To Be
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow Is Always Too Late
Voice Of Britain
We Don't Pose
When The Storm Breaks
Where's It Gonna End_
Won't Get Fooled Again