Level edge backs against the ledge no knives the stone hard eyes without
The longing or fear that it would disappear they cling on nuturing
Never ending obsessions on the table lines needed walls cover tips the
Balance don't touch me wiped out cornering mouthed the word money head
Shake handshake out to get a long way from corrosion pushes closer to the
Edge wired not connected peeling back plastic wrap tinted green and
All illusion existing caught up crossfire trading tall tales where are
You going where do you fail whats that mean back and forth side by side
Loose knot weave keep it up altogether or whatever that means passing
Underneath the trespass dont get to close mouth the word your money if I
Fade I may and I want to fade away all that I do is pray that you will be
There too if this were trying to deceive some minds what the hell do you
Got to say? altogether

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