Now im your big moe dropper, mud duck stopper
Fila on the bottom and adidas on the topper
Transform scratchin, big beat mackin
I can tell ya getin jealous by the looks im catchin
I hate dumb skeezers, MC beater
Dropped five grand on my big wad meter
Smooth like ice, dont get nice
Just turn up the box for the mixalot slice
Look good
Ya all ready to get busy (HOO HOO)
Now buttermilk bisquits here we go
Hit that flour, roll that doough
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Move your butt to the funky beat
Look good
Buttermilk Bisquits
Them buttermilk bisquits
Buttermilk bisquits
Lord have mercy looks like I'm rappin bout somw biscuits now
We from LA to the carolina
Dip them suckers in Aunt Jamima
Dont make a difference what food you eat
Use buttermilk bisquits to clean your plate
Ya eat em in the morning, Ya eat em at night
Kentucky fried chicken makes them suckas just right
I eat em with jelly at my favorite deli
wrapped and sealed by freak named shelly
Look good
Buttermilk bisquits
Buttermilk bisquits
Buttermilk bisquits
One day i kissed my freak, hit the steet
Lookin for somethin to eat
Got a 18 wheeler, lookin real swass
All the girls smile cus im the big boss
Say i gotta eat now, cant eat later
Made a lot a noise to attract my waiter
The boy walked up and what did he say
He said buttermilk biscuits free today
Well watcha waiten on boy, get up and shake a leg
Gimmie ten of them suckas with grits and eggs
Glass coolaid and a whole stick a butter
Them bisquits make a super fast lover
Look good
Now grab that can and rap it your hand
Bang that sucker till the dough expands
Put them suckers all in your oven
Grab your girlie and get a little loveing
Add a dab a honey, if you wanna get funny
Microwave the suckas if you want your honey runny
time to get naughty at the mixalot party
And rub them suckers all over your body
Look good
Pass the bottle again want sme again gotten bigger
You know what in talkin bout (HOO HOO)
Ya kind a gotten bigger tastin good to ya mud duck (laughing)
Them buttermilk bisquits
Tasting good to here you go heres a quarter gotten bigger
Yeaah them buttermilk bisquits
C'mon mixalot hit me one more time
Bring it home again (a buch of talkin)
Them buttermilk bisquits
buttermilk bisquits

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