[Verse 1]
I reminisce about the first friend I've ever lost
I felt somebody just had to pay the cost
Cause in the future my homie won't be around
That's why it's a must
That I lay some fools down
I got my AK loaded it up
Caught some fools slippin and [buck][buck][buck]
But nothing changed
Even though I laid some fools down for the homie
I still felt the same
So I got me a fifth of C.P.
Smoke some chronic and drunk myself to sleep
The next morning had to face the fact
That no matter what I did the homie wasn't comin back
I can't believe my dog is gone away
We was kickin it together just the other day
It all happened so fast
Some fools drove up and then straight started to blast
?? for the flown
I didn't know me and my homie wouldn't kick it no more
And it hurted me deep
You're probably gone but I sure won't forget you G
[Verse 2]
I'm not the type that wore a tuxedo
So I wore a khaki suit to the funeral
All the homies was there
Me, Mad, Man & Stick's was a Paul Bearin'
His mother has started to cry
Then everybody in the church had tears in they eyes
It was a sad scene G
Simply because we had a lotta love for the homie
As I carried his body to the grave side
I held on to his casket real tight
Said my final good [??]
As I started to remember all the good times
We had up at Freemont High
I remember all the weed we used to smoke
And how we used to go jackin for turkish [?]Rose[?]
Bump a bitch escaling
It seems like we had the whole world in the palm of our hand
But it all ended quick
So quick that I couldn't believe the shit
I thought my eyes would deceiving me
You're probably gone but I sure won't forget you G
I sure won't forget you G
[Verse 3]
I'll never forget my homie [name]
[Bird Man], [Big Stomp], [names]
I got love for the daily departed
Even though they left a nigga straight broken hearted
But I know they didn't mean it though
Cause life's a bitch
And it was their time to go
So I roll a lil' something you can listen to
Just to let you know how much I'm missin you
Cause where you stood stands an empty space
And nobody will be able to take your place
10 years from now you'll see
You still be gone but I sure won't forget you G
I won't forget you G
I sure won't forget you G

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