Rise into the elder world
the burning purgatory
deadly cosmic terror
the lowest dephts of hell

I signed the book of blood
by will - now that's a fact
marked by the numbers
of predominance
lead me to the path of perfect celebration
I've been reborn in a world of consumption

Arisen in blasphemy
mutilation I need
consume souls eternally
for my torment they will bleed

Realm of darkthrone
netherworld of doom
cruel horned spirits
everlasting ghouls

Flowen from the dephts
dark horned mutations
million tied up souls
infernal slaves of manipulation

Cross the Styx

I call on thee
blind idiot god of chaos
goat with a thousand young
god of perfection

Cross the Styx

Pumping the agony through my veins
as perpetual pleasure it enters my brain
swallow the lunatics of god's creation
their tumors create a sacrificial lust
grime crippled putrescent infants
melted and fused by demonical abcesses
reincarnation of perfection
behind the forbidden sinister gates

Souls drowned in the blood of Oblivion
dragged in the stream of the inflicted access
zymotic slime of substracted skin
into damnation tortured infinity

[lead : Ron]
[lead : Andr?‹?? ]

Cross the Styx

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