[Featuring No Limit All-Stars]
[Silkk The Shocker]
You can tell I'm A Soldier
You, you, you, you can tell I'm a soldier (4X)
All I wanted to be was a soldier, bitch!!!
And If you ain't a soldier, then what's yo' purpose bitch?!!!
1st Verse: [Silkk The Shocker & Master P]
[Silkk The Shocker]
See, I'm a N-O, nigga L-I-M-I-T soldier,
Yeah, I'm Silkk the SHOCKER!!!!
And yeah, that's me.
Tank dog all I wanna be, nigga I told ya,
Tat on my back, is that of a no limit soldier.
About face for a TRU salute, to my tank dogs,
Y'all scared to bust, niggas duck, cuz we ain't sure.
So don't tempt me cuz you'll end up empty, then I'll reload, empty
Empty reload, empty reload the whole barrell explode!!!!
Nigga I'm T-R-U, that means I'm TRU 2 Da Game,
Mention me to my enemies, they takin' the pain.
Now you can do what you wanna, but y'all don't wanna start,
Fuck, these No Limit soldiers, cuz y'all don't wanna go to war!!!
[Master P]
No Limit mercenary killas, nigga wit army fatigues,
Tattoos and gats, niggas gone off hennessy and weed.
Colonel, nigga becoming the ghetto E.F. Hutton,
Holler ungh And every fuckin' soldier start stuntin'.
Nigga just robbin' and niggas they ridin', dressed and robbin' on the
Niggas just Bout It, Rowdy, niggas better show me that them
Muthafuckas still
Gettin' rowdy.
I cut wit G's nigga,
March playas, step wit me killas,
Come wit me, real soldiers keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies!!!
Chorus: [Silkk The Shocker]
I'm a N-O- nigga L-I,
M-I-T soldier (2X)
2nd Verse: [Fiend & Lil' Gotti Gambino]
All my rivals remember me, Fiend,
The one that call the shottie,
Blastin' the mafi, there them niggas that wanna rob me.
Givin' you hobbies,
Gettin' slugs at your own body,
For my piece, or Sugar Hill, I'm doin' niggas like Lolli.
I'm fearin' no man, as long as I'm stompin' in these Broganes,
What's yo plan, soon as this army stop, ya' got no hands.
Damn!!! Ready for war, and keep the weed lighted,
If they ain't indicted still, blast it, Fiend the insighted prophet.
I'm a No Limit soldier, nigga, it's in my blood,
I started rappin', so I wouldn't have to sell drugs.
We Bout It!!! Muthafuckas representin' them killas,
TRU tatted on my back cuz I make moves wit thug niggas.
You don't wanna go to war, cuz I'ma bring the brigade,
Ask the colonel, we rowdy nigga tryin' to get paid.
Affiliated with gangs, totin' thangs that bang,
On the corners we hang, and we slangin' them thangs!
3rd Verse: [Mystikal, Mac]
A helluva, helluva nigga right here,
You can take that and fear!!!
I'm a cold blooded killa comrade and you look,
Highly decorated lieutenant.
I'm up on the front line, you all the way to the rear,
But ya still gettin' injured,
And when we reach a hundred million cartridges,
We ain't finished.
Bitch shoot yoself in the head, if you can't take it,
Cuz we gonna represent it!!!
If I said it, I meant it!!!
If I told ya', I showed showed ya'!!!
I'll break y'all, outrank y'all, I'LL MAKE YA' BORN TO BE A SOLDIER!!!
Whoa, murder, murder, kill, kill it's real,
Shell-Shock turn your neighborhood block into the battle field.
Nigga, soldier rag still on my eye, no lie,
I'm camoflauged, I never die, I live longer than them white guys.
We tattooed, I done gone cashews, ain't no turnin' back,
Nigga won't be burnin' Mac, uh, I got the thirty gat.
And it get trifer, but I'm a lifer,
A camoflauge sniper, from the rooftop I might get nicer.
4th Verse: [Lil' Gotti Gambino, Skull Dugrey]
[Lil' Gotti Gambino]
Gotti I told ya', I'm a muthafuckin' soldier,
Forty calibers and doja, what keep makin holes.
Nationwide exposure, for me and my brethren,
For Fiend to bust'em, leavin' my enemies bleedin'.
Being a soldier many fourteens, I be needin',
A No Limit soldier, till the day of my leave.
[Skull Dugrey]
I been a No Limit soldier since 1994,
Them niggas know one thing, that Skull broked in the door.
They watched me in Waco, as I bring the flow,
What you sayin', hanh you nigga? You bitch? Yeah, you hoe!!!
You know one thing you can't be fuckin' round wit these niggas,
Niggas out the tank, straight spittin' on you niggas.
You nigga!!! You think, you gonna get away,
Slammin' jive bitches like you, dead in the pavement!!!

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