If you could hear these four walls talking
If you could hear my heart just walking
Round and round this dollhouse
Trying to make it real

If you could see this sunrise setting
The disconnection I'm regretting
Now and then was then
But now is how I feel

My handwritten fears and drops of rage
(Trying to dry these drops of rage)
Require a steady hand
To turn the page

It was easy falling in love
It was beautiful on the way up
But I need a man goin' down
I need a man goin' down
You were a dreamer, you were a kid
And flying too high is what we did
Now I need a man goin' down
Can you be my man goin' down down down

Where's the shiver, where's the shameless craving
We used to have but now I'm waiting here
For you to come to me
And show me, know me

Hovering above this quaking ground
(Don't wanna break this quaking ground)
Yeah, I found the purest words that I've ever
That I've ever found
(Believe me, believe me)

[Repeat Chorus]

Tell me that you'll love me still
Tell me when I won't you will
Be a gentle covering
When the rain turns to rust
Tell me you'll be twice as strong
When I feel I don't belong
And take me, take me home

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, I need a man
Can you be my man
'Cause I need my man
Are you that man


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