A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup (Pumpkin Hill)
All Of The Darkness (Shadow's Theme)
Belive In Myself
Chaos - Super Sonic (sonic Adventure)
City Escape
Deeper (Death Chamber)
Dive Into The Mellow (Aquatic Mines)
Fastest Thing Alive (Tv Theme)
Fliyin' In Freedom ( Rouge's Theme)
Fly In The Freedom
Follow Me (City Escape)
Follow Me (Team Rose)
For True Story...Sonic Vs. Shadow 2
His World (Sonic Next, Title Theme)
It Doesn't Matter
It Doesn't Matter (Original)
Kick The Rock (Wild Canyon)
Lazy Days -Livin' In Paradise-
Live And Learn
Look Alike (Sonic The Movie)
My Sweet Passion
Open Your Heart
Selva Blanka (White Jungle, Spanish)
Shadow's Theme
Sonic Boom (Ending Version)
Sonic Heroes
Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd)
Stevey Is So Stupid
Super Sonic's Theme (Sonic Adventure 1)
Supporting Me (The Biolizard)
Team Chaotix
The Supernatural (Final Chase)
They Call Me Sonic
This Machine (Team Dark)
Throw It All Away
Toda La Obscuridad (Shadows Theme Spanish)
Unknown From M.E. (Original)
Unknown From M.E. (Version 2)
We Can
What I'm Made Of (Sonic Heroes - Final Story)
White Jungle (Belief)
Wrapped In Black