That's What I Say

Do you ever listen to what I say
Do do do you remember one bit of it
Or am I in the way

I told you all I ever wanted was to
Be the wiser and get out of this
How long will I be payin'


That's what I say when I'm leavin'
That's what I say when the feeling
starts to get me down
That's what I say what I believe in
When everything I've said to you
Leaves me nothin' left to do

Would you like to spend the whole day in bed
Do do before we give it up and all of that
How would you like to play

Have you ever thought about the consequences
When everything is compromised and stuff
We can't live for yesterday

Do ya ever think about the time we met
Do do do you remember what I think you said
Or has it all gone grey

And while we're on the subject of discontent
Do you always gotta bring it up
How long will I be prayin'

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