Go ahead, don’t look back
You’ve got a trail set before you
Take your time take it slow
Don’t have anything to run from anymore
Remember all those years of fighting?
They were a blessing in disguise
You’ve now built a mountain that’s waiting for you to climb

You’ve been touched by the hurt
You’ve been touched by the joy
When you think of the love
When you think of the chance you got for living

Soon you’ll be off to where you belong
The touched ones are never the wrong
How many times has this been true for the people who are just like me and you?

Take your mind off the past
Your spirit’s grown, so don’t judge so fast
It’s all coming down and soon you’ll know why you were born to raise your spirit high

I know it’s hard to believe when you’ve been knocked down
Take your mind off that little voice that can sometimes speak so loud
Just know this, so you’ll see…
All things can be of goodness and kindness, and can only be achieved once the grace has touched you

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