What a sound for me to hear!
Heard you love him… but you said you’d always be my sweet little baby
Thought I was the only one till you showed your skillful ways…
and now I see all that you are
What a voice, I thought I had use through
‘Cause we both said that without truth one soul would then become two
Now you read it all wrong
‘Cause I won’t sing another sad song
So you lie, and you cheat
It doesn’t mean that much to me
‘Cause I know everything has its own returnity
It’s untrue you can’t prove you’ve done well living off me
Tell your friends for what you got was your responsibility

What sight you were
Those days I first met you
Walking hand in hand a long, long time ago
Yes, this is true
Innocent young girl you were
Daddy’s little one
How could you be so unkind?

Sometimes I wish your eyes were blind, so the rest of you could see
No respect for lovin’
You just say to yourself, “what’s in it for me?”

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