(Nothing's Gonna) Turn Me Off (Of You)
(She Got) Electroshocked
2-7 Split
21 Months
27 Things I Wanna Do To You
53rd & 3rd
A New Tomorrow
A New Tomorrow (с табами)
A New Tomorrow (с аккордами)
Ain't Got No Sense
American Suicide (с аккордами)
American Suicide
Around On You
Ashtray (Demo Version)
Automatic Rejector
Automatic Rejector (с табами)
Bark Like A Dog
Bates Motel
Beat On The Brat
Blitzkreig Bop
Blitzkrieg Bop
Bottom Of The Ninth
Breaking Point
Burn It Down
Burnout Girl
Burnout Girl (с табами)
Burnout Girl (с аккордами)
California Sucks
Can't Take It
Cancer in my Body
Celena (с аккордами)
Chain Saw
Cindy's on Methadone
Cindys on Methadone (с табами)
Claire Monet
Clean Cut Asshole
Compact Disc
Cool Kids (с аккордами)
Cool Kids
Count To Three
Crying in my Beer
Dingbat (с аккордами)
Dirty Needles
Don't Touch My Car
Don't Turn Out The Lights
Don't Want It
Dummy Up
El Mozote
Every Night
Every Night (с аккордами)
Experience The Ozzfish
Falling Apart
Fathead (с аккордами)
First Day Of Autumn
First Day Of Summer (с аккордами)
Fred is Dead (с табами)
Fred Is Dead (с аккордами)
Fuck This
Get Off My Back
Girl Next Door (с аккордами)
Going Home
Goodbye To You
Gotta Girlfriend
Guest List
Guest List (с табами)
Guest List (с аккордами)
Guestlist (с табами)
Handcuffed To You
Hanging Around
Hardcore Hippie
Havana Affair
Hey Asshole
Hey Suburbia
Hey Suburbia (с табами)
Hey Suburbia (с аккордами)
Hey Suburbia (Demo Version)
High Ambitions
Holy Hardcore
I Believe in Ufo's
I Can See Clearly (с табами)
I Can See Clearly
I Can See Clearly (cover)
I Can See Clearly Now (с аккордами)
I Can't Stand Myself
I Don't Care Anymore
I Don't Give A Fuck
I Don't Wanna be Friends
I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
I Fall To Pieces
I Hate Led Zeppelin
I Hate Led Zeppelin (с аккордами)
I Hate Led Zeppelin (Demo Version)
I Hate Your Guts on Sunday
I Love to Hate
I Need Therapy
I Think We're Alone Now
I Wanna be a Homosexual (с табами)
I Wanna Be A Homosexual
I Wanna Be A Homosexual (Original 1989 Version)
I Wanna Be Homosexual
I Wanna be Naked
I Wanna Be Naked (с аккордами)
I Wanna be With (с табами)
I Wanna be With You Tonight
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
I Wanna Fuck (с аккордами)
I Wanna Fuck
I Want To Be With You Tonight
I Want Your Brain (с табами)
I Was a High School Psychopath
I Will Always Be There
I Will Always Do
I Wrote Holden Caufield
I Wrote Holden Caulfield
I'll Stop The Rain
I'm Gonna Stragle You
I'm Gonna Strangle You
I'm Not in Love
I, Robot
Identity Crisis
If i Was You
Im Gonna Strangle You (с табами)
Inside Out
Inside Out (с аккордами)
It's All in my Head
It's Not Enough
Jeannie's Got a Problem With Her Uterus
Jeannies Got a Problem (с табами)
Joanie Loves Johnny
Jock Punk
Judy Is A Punk
K-Mart Blues
Kamala's Too Nice
Kamalas Too Nice (с табами)
Kamalas Too Nice (с аккордами)
Kathy Isn't Right
Kathy's on The Roof
Last Night
Leather Jacket
Let's Dance
Like a Parasite
Listen To My Heat
Lose The Dink
Mad at The Paper Boy
Mad At The Paper Boy (с аккордами)
Making You Cry (с табами)
Making You Cry
March Of The Lawnmowers
Mary Was An Anarchist (с аккордами)
Mary Was An Anarchist
Message In A Beer Bottle
More Problems
Murder in The Brady House
My Brain Hurts (с табами)
My Brain Hurts
My Friends Are Getting Famous
My Own World
My Right (с табами)
My Right
My Right (с аккордами)
My Right (Demo Version)
My Song
Night Breed
Nobody Likes You
Nobody Likes You (ben Weasel / Danny Vapid)
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
Oh My Own
On My Own
One Step Beyond
Only A Test
Oscar Mayer (с табами)
Outside Of You
Pervert At Large
Peter Brady (с табами)
Peter Brady
Phasers On Kill (с аккордами)
Phasers On Kill
Pinkhouse (с табами)
Planet of The Apes
Planet Of The Apes (с аккордами)
Plastic Bag
Police Insanity
Pretty Girls Don't Talk To Me
Pretty Girls Dont Talk To Me (с аккордами)
Professional Distribution
Psychiatrist (с табами)
Psychiatrist (с аккордами)
Punk Rock Explained
Punkhouse (с аккордами)
Racist Society
Radio Blast
Raining Needles
Rubber Room
Sad Little Girl
Say No To Authority
Science Of Myth
Second Floor East
She's Giving Me The Creeps
Shut The Hell Up
Sidewalk Warrior
Six A.M.
Six Percent
Society (с табами)
Speed Of Mutation
Stab Stab Stab
Stupid Girl (с аккордами)
Stupid Girl
Stupid Over You
Sunshine (с аккордами)
Supermarket Fantasy (с табами)
Supermarket Fantasy
Supermarket Fantasy (с аккордами)
Surf Goddess (с табами)
Surf Goddess
Surf Goddess (с аккордами)
Suzanne Is Getting Married
Talk to me Summer
Teenage Freak Show
Teenage Freakshow
Teenage Slumber Party
The American Dream
The Edge Of The World
The First Day Of Summer
The First Day Of Winter
The Girl Next Door (с аккордами)
The Girl Next Door
The Hunter
The Last Janelle (с аккордами)
The Last Janelle
The Scene
The Science of Myth (с табами)
The Science of Myth
Things Seem All Fucked Up Today
This Ain't Hawaii
This Aint Hawaii (с аккордами)
Three Sides
Thrift Store Girl
Time Bomb
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
Too Worked Up
Totally (с табами)
Totally (с аккордами)
Twinkie Warfare
Used Cars
Veronica Hates me (с табами)
Veronica Hates me
Veronica Hates Me (с аккордами)
Waiting For Susie
Wanna Die
Wavin Gerbs
Waving Gerbs (с аккордами)
We Are The Generation X
We Skate
Wehate (с табами)
What Is Right
What we Hate (с табами)
What we Hate
Yeah Baby!
You Are My Sunshine
You Blister My Paint
You Broke my Fucking Heart
You'll Be In My Dreams Today
You're Sorry Now
You're The Enemy
Youll Be In My Dreams Today (с аккордами)
Your Morality
Your Name Is Tatooed On My Heart
Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart
Youre The Enemy (с аккордами)