A Funny Thing
Bartender (dedicated to Our Bartendin' Friends All Over The World)
Beer Muscles
Big Fun
Dead Man Blues
Don't Call me Dude
Down The Road (rock 'n' Roll Ain't Pretty)
Down The Road (Rock And Roll Ain't Pretty)
Down With The Ship (slight Return)
Drunken Milkman
Earache my Eye
Everybody Does It
Fine Line
Goodbye Freedom, Hello Mom
Grandma's House of Babes
Here Comes Trouble
How Could I Love You
I'm With Stupid
Mozart's Sonata #3
Mr. Johnson And The Juice Crew
Outta Time
Sonata #11 (rondo Alla Turka)
Sonata No.11 (Rondo Alla Turca)
Sonata No.3
Swiss Army Girl
Tastes Just Like Chicken
That's That
Write That Hit