20,000 Feet
20000 Feet (с аккордами)
747 (Strangers In The Night)
747 Strangers In The Night (с аккордами)
A Little Bit of What You Fancy
Absent Friends
And The Band Played on (с табами)
And The Band Played on
And The Bands Played On (с аккордами)
And The Bands Played On
Back On The Streets
Backs To The Wall (с аккордами)
Backs To The Wall
Bad Boys (Like To Rock N Roll)
Big Teaser
Big Twin Rolling (coming Home)
Broken Heroes
Burning Wheels
Call Of The Wild
Cloud Nine
Dallas 1pm
Demolition Alley
Denim And Leather (с табами)
Denim And Leather (с аккордами)
Devil Rides Out
Do It All For You
Dogs of War
Don't Worry
Everybody Up
Fire In The Sky (с аккордами)
Frozen Rainbow
Give it All Away
Give It Everything You've Got
Gonna Shout
Heavy Metal Thunder (с аккордами)
Heavy Metal Thunder
Hold on
Hungry Years
I Can't Wait Anymore
Jack Tars
Jericho Siren
Judgement Day
Just Let Me Rock
Killing Ground
Midas Touch
Midnight Rider
Militia Guard
Motorcycle Man
Mototrcycle Man (с аккордами)
Never Surrender (с аккордами)
Never Surrender
Out Of Control (с аккордами)
Out Of Control
Play It Loud (с аккордами)
Play It Loud
Power And The Glory
Princess Of The Night (с аккордами)
Princess Of The Night
Raise Some Hell
Red Alert
Ride Like The Wind
Rock City
Rock N Roll Gipsy
Rockin' Again
Rough And Ready (с аккордами)
Rough And Ready
Run For Your Lives
Sailing To America
See The Light Shining (с аккордами)
Sixth Form Girls (с аккордами)
Sixth Form Girls
Stallions of The Highway
Stand Up And Be Counted (с аккордами)
Stand Up And Be Counted
Still Fit To Boogie
Strangers In The Night (с аккордами)
Street Fighting Gang (с аккордами)
Strong Arm of The Law (с табами)
Strong Arm Of The Law (с аккордами)
Strong Arm of The Law
Suzie Hold On
Taking Your Chances (с аккордами)
Taking Your Chances
The Eagle Has Landed
The Great White Buffalo
This Town Rocks
To Hell And Back Again (с аккордами)
To Hell And Back Again
Walking Through Tokyo
Watching The Sky
Wheels Of Steel (с аккордами)
Wheels of Steel
Witchfinder General
Yesterday's Gone