(Bonus Track In Album 666 Motor Inn)
(Bonus Track In Album Going Nowhere Fast )
...And The Cheese Fell Down
4 A.M.
Aim To Please (с аккордами)
Aim To Please_
And No One Can Deny
Armless Sk8er (с табами)
Armless Skater
Armless Skater (с аккордами)
Arthead (с аккордами)
Before Its Too Late (с аккордами)
Better Off Today
Better Off Today (с аккордами)
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf (с аккордами)
Blissfully Ignorant
Blood On The Sidewalk
Chosen My Side Of The Fence
Count Me Out
Dickweed (с аккордами)
Don't Fade Away
Don't Know What To Do
Don't Let Silence Be An Option
Don't Skate On My Ramp
Don't Tell Us What We Should Do With Our Bodies, Y
Dont Know What To Do (с аккордами)
Dont Skate On My Ramp (с аккордами)
Dont Tell Us What We Should Do With Our Bodies You Filthy Bastards (с аккордами)
Down In Fire
Dream About You
Egocentric (с аккордами)
End Of The World
End Of The World (с аккордами)
Equal Rights (с аккордами)
Even If Time Stood Still
Evil (с аккордами)
Evil 2
False Ambitions
Fuck Off, You Filthy Bastards
Got To Throw Up (с аккордами)
Great Day For Skating
Hank (Armless Skater)
Hard To Be Yourself
Hard To Be Yourself (с аккордами)
Hard To Be Yourself (In Album Keep Out!)
Head Under Water (с табами)
Head Under Water
Head Under Water (с аккордами)
Hero Of Our Time
Hero Of Our Time (с аккордами)
How You Relate
I Scream
I Scream (с аккордами)
Institutionalised Murder
Ketty (с аккордами)
Kill My Girlfriend's Dad
Killing Me
Killing Me (с аккордами)
Lead Us To The Gallows
Lean Onto You
Lost (с аккордами)
Malice And Spite
Miss Bigmouth
Miss Bigmouth (с аккордами)
More To Life
My Daily Routine
My Decision
My Decision (с аккордами)
Nun (с аккордами)
One By One
One Kid's Defiance
One Of The Lost Songs
Out Of Touch
Pc= Potential Criminal
Pecan Pie
Pulling The Strings
Pulling The Strings (с аккордами)
Puppet (с аккордами)
Puppet 2
Restless Anger
Satanic Surfers
Satanic Surfers (с аккордами)
Seed Of Fear (с аккордами)
Seed of Fear And Anger (с табами)
Seed Of Fear And Anger
Seed Of Fear And Anger (с аккордами)
Separate Ways
Silent Box
Soothing (с аккордами)
Start Over
State Of Confomity
Story Of A Lazy Dreamer
Sunshiny Day (с табами)
Sunshiny Day
Sunshiny Day (с аккордами)
That Song
The Ballad Of Gonzo Babbleshit
The Bass Song (с аккордами)
The Sing Along Summer Song (с аккордами)
The Sing-Along Summer-Song
The Treaty And The Bridge
The Treaty And The Bridge (с аккордами)
Think Positive (с аккордами)
Throw In The Towel
Traditional Security
Truck Driving Punk
Truck Driving Punk (с аккордами)
U+I R 1
Up For Sale
Use a Bee (с табами)
Use A Bee (с аккордами)
Waiting For Nothing
Weight On My Shoulders
What Ever
Whatever (с аккордами)
When Was The Last Time...
Who Prospers_
Wishing You Were Here
Worn Out Words
You Can Count Your Money In Your Graves You Filthy Bastards (с аккордами)
You Can Count Your Money In Your Graves, You Filth