I am the Great Mighty Poo
And I'm going to throw my shit at you
A huge supply of tish comes from my chocolate starfish
How about some scat you little twat?
Do you really think you'll survive down here?
You don't seem to realize what creek you're in...
Sweet corn is the only thing that makes it through my rear!
How do you think I keep this lovely grin? *gleem*
Have some more caviar...
Now I'm really getting rather mad!
You're like a squiggly tiggly shitty little tagnut
Once I've knocked you out with all my blab, I'm going to take your head and ram it up my butt!
Your butt?Yes, my butt!
Your butt?My butt!
Eww...My butt!
Eaggh!My butt!
Aaahh!!! I'm flushing! I'm flushing! What a world! What a world! *flush*

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