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Animals on Wheels
Answers Don't Come Easy
Baby I Can't Please You
Baby i Cant Please You (с табами)
Beating Heart
Black Sky
Carry You
Circle of Fire (с табами)
Circle of Fire
Compulsive Gambler
Cruel Inventions
Faster Pussycat to The Library (с табами)
Faster Pussycat To The Library
Fighting With Fire
Gimme Some Truth
Go Down
God is Watching You
Help Yourself
Holding On To The Earth
Hole in Time
I Can't Stop Crying
I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
I Don't Want To Fall In Love
I Need Love (с табами)
I Need Love
Libera Me
Love & Kisses
Love And Kisses
Love Changes Everything
Love Is Not Lost
Lying (с табами)
Now i Can't Find The Door
Out Of Time
Plastic Is Forever
Power World
Private Storm
Raised on Promises
River Of Love
Same Changes
Same Rain
She Can't Tell Time
Signposts (с табами)
Slapstick Heart
Standing Still
Strawberry Road
The Turning
Tripping Over Gravity
What Do I Do
What You Don't Want To Hear
Wheel Of Broken Voice
Wheel of The Broken Voice
Where Are You Taking Me
Where The Colors Don't go
Your Hands (с табами)
Your Hands
Zero Zero Zero (с табами)
Zero Zero Zero!