"Mermaids Are Sea Sluts" (Spoken Word Pi
Agony In Her Body
All Word No Play
Andy Kaughman
Black Out On White Night
Black Sweatshirt
Broken Wings
Buckets Of Silence
Cafe Girl
Call Me Francois
Can I Kick It_
Can I Kick It_ (Aoi Live At The Ocean Mist Rhode Island 1997)
Civil Obedience
Clickety Clack
Climb Trees
Come Come Now
Come Come Now (Ending With "Mermaids Are Sea
Crack Pipes
Cup Of Tea
Dance Monkey
Dirty Mac
Doomage (Damage Remix)
Doomage (Damage Remix) (Featuring Slug & Broth
Escape Artist
Eviction Notice
Eye Of The Tiger
Follow Me Snippet Verse
Garden Gnomes
Good Fashion
Ground Control
Gunz Yo
Haunted House Party
Hey Bobby
Hoofprints In The Sand
I Apologize (Featuring Sole)
I Keep Calling
Inherited Scars
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny
Jesus In A Bowl Of Germs
Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu)
Lie Detector Test
Life Is What Distracts You From Death
Mainstream 307 (Non Prophets)
Majority Rule
Makeshift Patriot
Makeshift Patroit
Mermaids Are Seasluts
Message Sent
Mullet (Spoken Word Recorded Live At The Met Caf&A
My Name Is Strange
Narcissist (Live On 90.3 Wriu)
Narcissist (Non-Prophets 2002)
Next Testament
Oliver Twisted
Pen To The Gun Fight
Personal Journalist
Pitchers Of Silence
Product Placement
Sea Lion
Slow Down Gandhi
Smoke And Mirrors
Souvenier (Unreleased)
Strange Famous (Spoken Word Rhyme On 90.3 Wriu)
Sun Vs Moon
The Buzz Kill
The Emperor's New Clothing
The Strange Famous Mullet Remover
The Time Of My Life
The Weak Link
Threewrite (Non-Prophets)
Tree Of Knowledge
Vital Signs
Water Line
Whore Monger
Whore Monger Sing-Along