i see you walking down the street
and i really start to think
that you are so uninterested
and that im just a stupid kid
for thinking we could be as one
to you that might seem really dumb
cause you dont even know my name
i'll get hurt and im to blame

and should i tell you how i feel
can i whisper in your ear
all these secrets that i have to-tell-you

and all of this seems so unreal
how could someone come and steal
right before my eyes my dreams-are-fading

you sit and talk to her all night
you think youre safe and out of sight
you lean in and steal a kiss
and think its something that i miss
let me tell you that youre wrong
and thats the reason for this song
to tell you im uninterested
and that youre just a stupid kid

your face was underneath a mask
all these years of our long past
and now i see your second face-is-showing

you made it easier for me
now that i can clearly see
im not the girl for you so now-we're-through

this song is not meant for revenge
i dont know if we're still friends
i hope you learned your lesson
just know i wont be missing

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