Yo Saafir what's goin' on playboy?
Saafir: What's really goin' on?

Huh you tell me baby.

Saafir:Hey it's like this man.
I gotta let these motherfuckers know how to crawl man.

I know everybody tryin' to come up immediately.

Saafir:You know they don't got the motherfuckin' perseverance cause they
Ain't have it hold up though. I gotta go and do this man.

Verse 1:
You can hear the ambition mobbin' in my po position
The intention is to come up
Do your grindin' pay the boss before you floss
And don't lose your mind and find discipline'
And stackin' your scratch
So it don't come up missin' in
As you're askin' the Lord for guidance
While you ridin'
Stickin' and movin' slidin'
In and out the game
Unless you realize you're sprung before you legalize your funds
All you track hustlers that was made for the corner
Dodgin' the coroner's office

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