Now let me start this, if home is where the heart is
With her I feel at home and even when we're apart it's
Strange but I can feel her presence beside me
So in a sense one could say that she guides me
Now I'm remembering the first time I saw her
Feelin this vibe or whatever, let's say aura
But I never would have thought, see I never could have known
Outta one chance glance all this could have grown
And that's the beauty of it you see it grows and it's natural
What can I say in every way we're compatible
Talk is cheap at times we don't speak
'Cos we're engrossed in thoughts that are deep

It's like two hearts, two minds, two bodies, two souls
Making one whole, now it's gotta be told
That what we have is more than just physical
Don't be so cynical we gotta spiritual love

Feels so natural
More than physical
Spiritual love
Feels so natural
More than physical
Spiritual love

We gotta love I can trust let me tell you 'bout us
Underline the word love see it ain't about lust
It's a spiritual love oh, what a feeling
Impossible to measure it, one can only treasure it
Sort of like a legacy, maybe it's my destiny
Maybe it's a test of me, to bring out the best in me
Who knows, who cares, all I know is that there's
A reason for everything and whatever fate may bring
See I didn't plan this some don't understand this
They try to play the role of thinking that's what a man is
To me she's more than just a fashion accessory
And I'll protect her by any means necessary

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