It's been a long time girl,
But I'll keep on waiting

I'll keep waiting till that day when
You come back on home to me
Life's too short to live without you
Where you are is where I wanna be

Hey girl, it's just a matter of time
Before you come on home and I get what's mine
Cos you know that you're still my lady
And your love is gonna drive me crazy

To think you're gone just makes me wanna choke
You can't fix what you know ain't broke
But I guess that I'll just keep waiting
Even though inside my heart is breaking

What you waitin' for
What you waitin' for girl
Show me love like you did before


All this love's too much to understand
Must be part of a master plan
But I wish that it was just that easy
Cos I miss the way you touch and tease me
Damn it girl why can't you see
It's not over for you and me
One day you'll see that you were wrong
Then you will realise it was true love all along

Dry these tears of rain (x2)
Say you'll show me love again


What can I say to change your mind
Thinkin' about you all of the time
Don't keep me holding on
Come back to where you belong

(Chorus x3)

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