We got it all
And we'd be fools to let it go
Cos I need you more and more
You're my life, and I live
For your love that you give
And although my journey's long, I'll soon be home
It's gonna be so hard on my own
But I won't be alone

Cross my heart and tell no lies
No one's leaving you behind
Just because we said goodbye, baby
Cross my heart I do believe
In my thoughts and in my dreams
I'll be taking you with me, baby

Sometimes I think
That I can feel you breathin' on me
You're there so deep inside
And I like, what I feel
Though its not, always real
It helps me carry on, till I come home
It's gonna be so hard on my own
But I wont be alone


Dream a dream a dream a dream a dreamin'
Wherever you are you're near me
Please believe believe believe believe in
Whatever I say I cross my heart

Chorus x2

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