Abhainn an t - Sluaigh
Always The Winner
An Cuibhle Mor
An Ubhal as Airde
Big Sky
Book Of Golden Stories
Cho Buidhe's A Bha I Riamh
City of Lights
Dream Fields
Edge of The World
Every River
Flower of The West
From The North
Healer in Your Heart
Hearts of Olden Glory
I'll Keep Coming Home
Loch Lomand-Live
May Morning
News From Heaven
Only The Brave
Our Earth Was Once Green
Precious Years
Pride of The Summer
Protect And Survive
Rocket to The Moon
Siol Ghoraidh (pronounced She-all Ghaw-ree)
Tear Down These Walls
That Final Mile
The Cutter
The Only Rose
This Beautiful Pain
Tir a' Mhurain
Transl. of Siol Ghoraidh (the Geneology of Goraidh)
Transl. of Tir a' Mhurain
Transl. The Big Wheel
Transl. The Crowed River
Worker For The Wind
World Appeal