My soul have dreamt of being cast upon the earthly world
For I was living far beyond the reach of mortal men
My dream have dreamt of knowledge of what I really am
For I have never known what hides behind my shape

Demons float above me, laughing in their paranormal sanity...
I reach the door and wonder
If one could ever lock what once was locked...
Entered was the inner mind, faced were my own chimeras

Deep above and high below, unconsciously awakened
I sleep and see them feasting
On the right I see the things that are wrong,
And on the left I watch the right ones being banished

Necrospiritual experience, projection of the inner world...
It crawls inside the very essence, abandoned and hollow
A journey in pure nothingness, those spectres are the only ones I behold...
Deep within, they make their way into what I've came for

The self-made deity of insanity rises and proclaims...
"Wish I could travel beyond the senses
To explore what hasn't been yet explored,
And see what no one has ever seen..."

Me, the nothing and me, the all
Me, the one to fulfill the buried dreams...
Me, the one to make them fall
Me, the devourer and me, the fading dim...

I am everlasting in my own universe of nothingness...

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