... Of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night Blackens Wit
...Unto The Dimensional Complexity
Beneath The Fading Eclipse
Blind Eye And Muted Mind
Bloodred Utopia
Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)
Elemental Archtecture
Imperium Tenebrarum
Into The Domain Beyond All Horizons
Me, The Misanthrope
Mijn Leven Voor U (Spiritual Resonance)
Mists Of Eternity
Obscurity In Progress
Portals Of Chaos (The Final Transmigration)
Praising The Departure Of Spiritual Strength
Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External W
The Forlorn Existence Of Soul Divine
The Fragile Shades Of Grey
The Moon, The Sun, The Stars
The Spectral Prophecy
Those Spectres Within (Eternal Is The Nothingness
Transenflamed Visions Of Your Mortal End
What's Your Universe Built Upon