Cold is the steel I have by my side
It soon will by red stained with blood
Along the way among the moor
I can smell those who will die
The earth is shaking nothing of human
Hate is growing inside of me
I hear the screams behind the fog
I fling the steel with no mercy

Bran Mac Morn

We'll destroy helmets and armours
Finding the way bene ath the ground
Unnamed forces of a nature
So many years hided from sun
Reminiscence of golde era
Raise the hate for human race
We are gonna scatter the cold bodies
Among the mist of winter day
Years and years below the ground
Witing the time to awake
God forsaken is our pact
Only glory honour and steel

Lead us through walley and woods
Bran the foolish king of pittish
Who negotiates his sacred soul
For the pride of caledon
Through the Roman luxury culturs
And the people who are feastering
Togheder will destroy the false
Thatis lurxing on the earth
Blood and steel honor and glory
Can you hear our battle screams
We are fling our hate
We're the worms of the earth

Running through the people dy ing all around me
I can feel the steel flowing through my veins
Flash of blades and gliam of blood around are blind my
Attacking , kill and screaming all my heite the wind

No , mercy I'll have not
Not until your head will be buried underground
And I will scream Titos Silla is dead
And this was his heart
From now on I'll rule Caledon

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