I know that other guys don't need to feel rich,
but I do.
That's why I chose to spend my life doing this,
because I knew...

We've got something here inside
that others just imagine they can buy.

Make it a date,
tell me when and I'll say...
I'll love you ever and after.
Let's both run away,
we'll find a place to live where we'll stay.
I'll love you ever and after.
A love can make disaster fade away.

And if time tries to hurt you
it just won't get to.
I will protect you
and keep you beautiful.
Run away, just come with me.
Let's hurry off quickly,
so we're still young

because we've got something here
that other people envy...
Other people fear,


but maybe you're OK without a place to go.
Well, I don't know.
I don't need their double standards,
all I need is you,
and I'll get through,
because sitting here,
without a cent,
I feel rich next to you

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