Written by Lauren Christy/Graham Edwards/Scott Spock/Ronan Keating

Uh uh high yeah
Da na na na na
Ah ha yeah

Yeah it's 4 am and the earth stands still
The city's took a sleeping pill
But I'm awake and lying next to you yeah
So it's 4 am and I breathe you in
And old familiar thoughts begin
I'd hate to think without what I'd do (ohhhhh)

Well I could have turned left
And you could have turned right
I could have stayed at home that night
And you you might have never caught that train, for the rain
Well if you hadn't smiled and if I hadn't asked
We could have been two ships that passed
And I might have never known your name
Thank god I kissed you, that I kissed you

Was it all just chance
Was it meant to be
Was it in the stars for you and me
There's a million doors, but just one key ohhh oh oh
It can take one touch
It can take one look
Well our whole life's a storybook
And we are just fulfilling destiny


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