(i Can Have) Attitude
Be on The Safe Side
Be Political, Not Polite
Best Friends
Cat And Mouse
Closet Case
Closing Chapter
Emotional Rollercoaster
Family of Lovers
Give me a Homosexual
I Met a Man
I've Created a Monster
Journal Entry (7/3/89)
Living in The Nuclear Age (renaissance Song)
Living With Aids
Love is All it Takes
My Mother's Clothes (the Drag Rag)
No False Hope
Oh, No... I'm in Love
Once Upon a Time
One of The Enemy
Outfield Blues
Paint by Numbers (song For Frances)
Queers in The Closet
Red Moon Over Boston
She Has a Thing (for Men Who Love Men)
Straightening up The House
Tango Indigesto
The Prince Charming Tango
The Sodomy Song
The Woman Next Door
Waltz For The New Age
When Heterosexism Strikes
When i Look Into Your Eyes
Womb Envy