Flo Dan
Wiley start with the show
Flo Dan from the ghetto
breeze from the venomous flow
some boys to listen and some boys to think
Wiley start with the show
Flo Dan from the ghetto
breeze from the venomous flow
some boys to listen and
They should know that we are just too hot
representing for our block
now we started we cant stop
I think i told you this before
my crew is just to raw
these players feel ensure
yes check this lyrical talent
everybody wanna be a mc
there's no balance
willy is extravagent in a bashment
blazing fire in the bashment
but stacking the paper is a must
and shots as we bus if you step into the square
i'll put a soundboy in the electric chair
i'll clash anybody, anyone, anywhere
i use to be a moralless, no moral kid
now im a terrible kid
that made trims for the money and not the fun of it
purple haze, we're bunning it
you see, we're running it
top gunning it, tom cruising it
prada booting it.
Willy Kat is coming back a day later than this
i got a, semi automatic spraying machine
and im erratic, im going on cold in the scene
Its wiley and im gettin em hyper
and i get dirty like a baby diaper
who that upon the riddem, im a lyrical sniper
all bad boys just flash yer lighters
its gun season with a millimeter
who wanna test them get defeater
we bun fire upon with our informer
bun them with the red heat seeker
my crew lay low, we are shooter
see me flex in my new nikey booter
and see me flex in me new nikey suiter
make the move for the doe in the looter
bad brain just like a computer
think you're cold but we are colder
cause im a soldier
im gonna get hot and wreck this danger
and make the paper
Flo Dan
Them boy get bun in a revolution
where is the gun?
breezey hand me the gun
somebody life gonna be dun
them cant see me come
pussy better get up and run
cause two double o, four, three, two, one
venomous crew, venomous what tongue
life who, life what, life that are dun
bun fire, bun fire, bun fire bun
style that we bus, man a burst long time
its gonna get bun and gonna get wind
call that my time, under your time (anybody)
its time i adjust you in MY mind
one time to the top on the rewind
so you can get beat up everytime
just to make you shoosh ????
its me, they call me bare fire knight
Too nasty so they wanna blast me
wanna talk shit but they never walk past me
oi how dare you chat like i fear you
im a top boy, no-where near you
my mind will scare you
cause im far too deep
no cats pissing on the streets you see
but its weak to creep so i spare you
heard you got a girl in the west
with a double D chest
come we put her faithfulness to the test
what, she letting off? oh yes
what, she sucking off? oh yes
couldn't care less about the mess
now i got another mistress
nothing but nastiness, thats me
b-r double e-z, e
never had an std
skippy boy aka sleazy

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