A Beer Is Better Than A Woman
A Letter To My Penis
A Letter To My Penis (Big Band Version)
All About Sex
All The Reasons
Beer Run
C'mon, Sing You Bastards - Burning Sensation
Carlos, Man Of Love
Dancing With A Man
Dancing With A Man (Long Version)
Dear Penis
Don't Look Now
Dozen Roses
Gay Factory Worker
Great To Be A Man
I Hope You Die
In Her Day
It's Too Late
It's Too Late (Radio Edit Version)
Just One Beer
Little Things
Men And Women
More Of A Man
Morning Wood
Older Women
Pickup Truck
Play Your Cards Wrong
Prison Bitch
She'd Be A Millionaire
Shoot The Interrogator, Rodney!
That Awful Day
That's Just My Luck
The Chicken Song
The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend
The Man Song
Tips On Marriage
Titties & Beer
Titties And Beer 2
Yard Sale - Underwear Song