Deep in the pale light of a sunrise
Human eye have never seen
A purple bus rolls up inside a lonely hobo
Wino's dream
Two lovers get aboard
And sink into a narrow velvet seat
Looking for something that reality
Has driven from the streets

During the afternoon they kiss
About eleven million times
They ask how far, the driver tells them
"Hey, it's only in your mind"
Sunset, around a curve,
The tires on the bus let out a whine
And up ahead they see it written
]On a yellow neon sign

* Welcome to the Riverside
Lovely Hotel Riverside
For a very special price
A touch of paradise

They check in at the front and sail up
To the room where Elvis stayed
The moon's so bright they put on sunglasses
And pull down all the shades
The TV's wall-to-wall and reaches
>From the ceiling to the floor
They pull the plug and touch the bullet holes
And kiss a little more

They dive in bed and swim around like
Rainbow trout inside a pool
Then dress up in each other's clothes
And soon they've broken all the rules
They turn the TV on
And snuggle up between the satin sheets
And see a hobo lying frozen
On a windy city street

* Repeat

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